Compresses – hot and cold packs

-harmonizing energy for your wellbeing by using cold or hot compresses

It is easy and simple and most likely you will find all essentials needed for a soothing pack right in your home.

I will introduce you to the most effective hot and cold applications. They work like magic in a small emergency. A gentle, simple and sustainable way to support your body’s recovery and healing.

Give a temperature impulse and stimulate using water, oil, soil or curd as a base.  – You might want to add active herbal ingredients from essential oils and tea infusions to intensify the treatment.

To balance mind, body and soul, there is not just the option of working from within but one can also influence the metabolic process from the outside. With the compress, you give the organism an impulse stimulating its flow.

This can be done directly on the affected area or its related reflex zone.

April 7th Saturday

10:00 – 11:45 Make raw organic Skin Care with Food Grade Ingredients

12:15- 2:00 Harmonizing energy for your well being by using cold or hot compresses


April 8th Sunday

10:00 – 11:45 Excavate the depths of your creativity with Blind Painting

12:15- 2:00 Relax and unwind with Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique

Join in a journey of personal exploration.  Seasoned professionals offer an array of unique experiences.  Price per day 250 euros, all materials, food and refreshments are included. On April 6th Friday 19 hrs we will host an Apero and give short talks about our vocations.  Each day begins with a communal breakfast at 9am with homemade Bircher muesli, fruit and Skyr and ends at 3pm with an informal and healthy lunch of vegetarian soup, salads and bread. Each day ends with a light hike and short trip to a natural geothermal spa.

About me

My name is Ursula Zeugin, and I am a certified naturopath.

I have my own practice in Switzerland and work with a variety of herbal formulations. I also offer massages and other forms of manual therapy. As a nutritionist, I advise on diet and offer supported cleansing fasts, guide medicinal plant excursions and hold workshops on different health topics and salutogenesis.